UV Pipe Lining System is Here!

The Gator Drain Tools UV Lining System stands as the most straightforward and cost-effective UV repair system on the market today. Unlike other systems that may require significant capital investment, our system provides an accessible entry point to UV lining at a fraction of the cost.

It features easy-to-use replacement parts that are designed for field use and are affordable enough to keep in stock, ensuring you can maintain your equipment with minimal downtime and cost.


Our bladders are replaced with every repair, and each repair kit includes a new bladder, reducing the risk of blowouts. We utilize high-quality Internal Pipe Technologies felt liners, eliminating the need to work with awkward fiberglass materials that require multiple inflations before curing.

With our system, you inflate to 5lbs, hold for a few minutes to allow resin bleed, and you’re ready for a 2-minute UV cure.

UV Pipe Lining System Includes: 

  • 25′ Push Hose
  • 2 Light Trains (3′ & 6′)
  • 4 Repair Kits

Our repair kits include the exact amount of resin needed, and, like all of our liner products, the wet out is encapsulated for a mess-free and user-friendly experience. To make things even easier, the system comes with a specified small compressor, providing a truly turn-key solution.

UV Pipe Lining Sizes and Diameters:

  • 3’ x 3”
  • 3’ x 4”
  • 3′ x 6″
  • 6′ x 3″
  • 6’ x 4”
  • 6’ x 6”

Contact Gator Drain Tools to order yours today!

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