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Gator Drain Tools

Gator 6mm

Gator 6mm

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All of Gator Drain Tools Heads and Flex Shaft Cables are interchangeable with other units on the market.


  • 6mm Chain Knocker with Carbide for 1.5"-2" Pipe
  • 6mm Chain Knocker with Carbide for 2" Pipe

Gator Drain Tools Battery Operated Drain Cleaning

  • Cable Size: 6mm
  • Flex Shaft Cable Length: 50ft
  • Sheathing OD: 10mm
  • Light-weight, portable
  • Ideal for roof access
  • Perfect for residential applications & tight spaces
  • Battery-operated
  • Compatible with any battery-operated drill
  • 1.5″, 2”, 3”, 4” pipe diameter
  • Tool Pouch included to store Gator Claws
  • Can be inserted through toilets for soft blockages


  • Lateral cutting
  • Drain cleaning
  • Reinstates branch lines
  • High-speed flex shaft cleaners to descale cast iron pipe
  • A variety of cleaning, sanding, & reinstatement heads available
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